[Perldl] CHM/PDL-2.006_90.tar.gz released to CPAN

Chris Marshall devel.chm.01 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 22 01:29:25 HST 2013

...A.k.a., PDL-2.007 pre1 !

This is the second CPAN developers release in the
countdown to the coming PDL-2.007 planned for
release no later than 14-Oct.

Things are testing well with CPAN Testers and work
on the featured 64bit index support is largely on
configuration control, documentation, and support
for PDL module developers.

If you use PDL or develop with PDL, we encourage
you to give an early try.  Please report any issues
to the perldl or pdl-porters lists.


Release Notes for PDL 2.006_90 --------------------------

 | BE WARNED:  This release includes an update to the internal,  |
 | C-level PDL API for PDL versions 2.006 and earlier.  This     |
 | will require that you re-build any PP or XS modules.  Do not  |
 | upgrade or install over an existing PDL installation unless   |
 | you are prepared to do so!!!                                  |

General Notes:

 * AKA PDL-2.007 pre1

 * Another quick CPAN developers release

   - It is a snapshot of the current git development tree
     and everything may not work correctly or have complete

   - These release notes may not be fully complete.  Please
     see Changes (from the git log) for full details.

   - All tests may not pass, especially ones corresponding
     to issues in Known_problems.

   - Manual build/install is recommended although the
     cpan shell may be used by specifying the distribution
     path rather than just the module name, e.g.:

       cpan> get  CHM/PDL-2.006_90.tar.gz
       cpan> make CHM/PDL-2.006_90.tar.gz
       cpan> test CHM/PDL-2.006_90.tar.gz
       cpan> look CHM/PDL-2.006_90.tar.gz


 * This is pre-release 1 for PDL-2.007

 * Add new mode/modeover functions

 * Fix for MSVC++ 6.0 to build on 32bit systems.
   MSVC++ 6.0 cannot be used to build 64bit index support
   due to lack of 64bit functionality.  This fix allows
   PDL to build for perls built with that compiler.

 * More documentation updates for slice and indexing

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