[Perldl] CHM/PDL-2.006_06.tar.gz released to CPAN

Chris Marshall devel.chm.01 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 03:40:37 HST 2013

...and should be available at a mirror near you soon.
This release has a candidate fix for the 32bit perl issues
with 64bit index support.


Release Notes for PDL 2.006_06 --------------------------

 | BE WARNED:  This release includes an update to the internal,  |
 | C-level PDL API for PDL versions 2.006 and earlier.  This     |
 | will require that you re-build any PP or XS modules.  Do not  |
 | upgrade or install over an existing PDL installation unless   |
 | you are prepared to do so!!!                                  |

General Notes:

 * 64bit index support code now working except for some issues
   based on type names.  Depending on the platform, the PDL_Index
   type is actually the PDL_Long or PDL_LongLong type.

 * Another quick CPAN developers release

   - It is a snapshot of the current git development tree
     and everything may not work correctly or have complete

   - These release notes may not be fully complete.  Please
     see Changes (from the git log) for full details.

   - All tests may not pass, especially ones corresponding
     to issues in Known_problems.

   - Manual build/install is recommended although the
     cpan shell may be used by specifying the distribution
     path rather than just the module name, e.g.:

       cpan> get  CHM/PDL-2.006_06.tar.gz
       cpan> make CHM/PDL-2.006_06.tar.gz
       cpan> test CHM/PDL-2.006_06.tar.gz
       cpan> look CHM/PDL-2.006_06.tar.gz


 * Candidate fix for 64bit index bug in rangeb.

 * New nnslice() routine introduced.

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