[Perldl] CHM/PDL-2.006_01.tar.gz released with 64bit index support

Chris Marshall devel.chm.01 at gmail.com
Sun May 12 09:58:12 HST 2013


We're happy to announce a CPAN developers release of
PDL-2.006_01, the first on the way to this Summer's
planned PDL-3 release.

This release makes generally available the new, 64bit
index support for testing, evaluation, use, development
and feedback.  The only difference from the current PDL
git master branch is the introduction of a PDL_Index
type that can be 64bits if your perl IV type is.

Also, for development, most modules depending on external
libraries are disabled in the perldl.conf file.  If it builds ok,
please feel free to try enabling various options and help to
port and verify correct operation.

If you are a PDL module developer on CPAN, please
take this chance to see if the new 64bit support breaks
anything for your package(s) and report and fix if
possible.  Ideally, your package should be able to
make use of 64bit indexing if it makes sense and it
should function robustly if it doesn't (again, if possible)


Release Notes for PDL 2.006_01 --------------------------

General Notes:

 * Make new 64bit index support PDL available for more
   widespread testing and evaluation.

 * Another quick CPAN developers release

   - It is a snapshot of the current git development tree
     and everything may not work correctly or have complete

   - These release notes may not be fully complete.  Please
     see Changes (from the git log) for full details.

   - All tests may not pass, especially ones corresponding
     to issues in Known_problems.

   - Manual build/install is recommended although the
     cpan shell may be used by specifying the distribution
     path rather than just the module name, e.g.:

       cpan> get  CHM/PDL-2.006_01.tar.gz
       cpan> make CHM/PDL-2.006_01.tar.gz
       cpan> test CHM/PDL-2.006_01.tar.gz
       cpan> look CHM/PDL-2.006_01.tar.gz


 * By default, this release will build PDL with the new
   PDL_Index support and that type will be determined by
   the type of IV for your perl.  If $Config{ivsize}==8
   then you have 64bit indexing.

 * By default, the perldl.conf does not build modules
   requiring external dependencies.
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