[Perldl] PDL-2.006 and PDL Book released

Chris Marshall devel.chm.01 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 04:54:15 HST 2013

The PDL development team is pleased to announce
the official release of PDL-2.006 and an updated
draft of the PDL Book to accompany its release.

Of specific note:

 * PDL VERSION numbers now use single decimal
   format.  This will be the standard going forward.

 * PDL now has three graphics options that build on
   all supported PDL platforms (thanks to work by
   Craig DeForest and David Mertens and a host of

    - PDL::Graphics::Gnuplot using the gnuplot program

    - PDL::Graphics::Prima based on the Prima toolkit


    - PDL::Graphics::Simple a basic 2-D graphics layer
      that can use many of the existing PDL graphics
      modules with a uniform syntax.

 * ASPerl build issues have been resolved thanks
   to relentless testing, verification and fixes by
   Rob/sisyphus and other win32 PDL users.

As always, go to http://pdl.perl.org for information
about all things PDL and how to get PDL for your

Chris Marshall
PDL-2.006 Release Manager

Release Notes for PDL 2.006 --------------------------

 | BE WARNED:  This release includes an update to the internal,  |
 | C-level PDL API for PDL versions 2.4.10 and earlier.  This    |
 | will require that you re-build any PP or XS modules.  Do not  |
 | upgrade or install over an existing PDL installation unless   |
 | you are prepared to do so!!!                                  |

General Notes:

 * Change to the version number scheme used for PDL
   from the dotted-integers format back to plain old
   decimal numbers.

   Unfortunately, PDL has used both alternatives before
   and in an inconsistent, out-of-order way.  With this
   release, the current version will also be the most
   recent version with respect to both numbering schemes.

   For more details see David Goldens blob post on
   the topic and the pdl-porters list discussion:


 * PDL-2.006 also showcases the demos of two new PDL graphics
   modules in the perldl/pdl2 shells:

    - PDL::Graphics::Gnuplot

    - PDL::Graphics::Prima

   Both modules install on all supported PDL platforms.  A
   recent addition is PDL::Graphics::Simple which provides
   a uniform presentation to the variety off available PDL
   plot/view/print options.

    - PDL::Graphics::Simple

   Let us know how they work for you.  As they are
   relatively "young" contributions your feedback and
   questions are always welcome.

 * PDL Distribution related updates:

    - Fixes a build issue for PDL at ASPerl

    - Many fixes for debian distributions.

    - PDL::IO::NDF has been moved to its own
      distribution on CPAN.  This could affect
      upgrades from older PDL installs.


 * New support for reading IDL format files via PDL::IO::IDL.

 * Added an unpdl method which is (roughly) the inverse
   operation of pdl (Joel Berger).

 * Updated polyfill and polyfillv routines to the algorithm
   from pnpoly: more accurate on edge pixels and faster due
   to its PP implementation (Tim Haines).

 * Added Boundary=>'Replicate' option to conv2d and med2d (chm).

 * Support for new additional random number generators to
   PDL::GSL (John Lapeyre).

 * Add lgamma support for MinGW-built perls with tests
   to match (sisyphus).

 * Many improvments to docs and their generation from
   PDL sources.  Specific new functionality support:

    - Newly refactored docs engine using core perl
      modules rather than PDL-only ones (Joel Berger)

    - New FullDoc key added to PDL::PP makes writing CPAN
      friendly .pd files much, much easier (David Mertens).

    - New PDL::Doc::add_module() routine to add an external
      module's POD (with PDL::Doc conventions) to the PDL
      docs on-line database (Craig DeForest).

 * Many bugs fixed, some even before a ticket could be opened!

    - Sf.net bug #3607936: Fixed a bug causing crashes
      due to using inplace with a duplicate argument.

    - Sf.net bug #3603249: AutoLoader leaks $_ into local
      context, reported and fixed by Craig.

    - Sf.net bug #3588182: Fixed hist() handling of the case
      of fractional steps in integral input data types.

    - Sf.net bug #3563903: Fixed bug in PNG format detection
      on win32 platforms.

    - Sf.net bug #3544682: Fixed error report bug in perldl
      that resulted from a change in the way perl handles
      eval exception reporting.

    - Sf.net bug #3539760: qsort[vec] are now inplace aware.

    - Sf.net bug #3518190: Potential fix for t/gd_oo_tests.t
      test crashes.

    - Sf.net bug #3515759: Work around for PDL::GIS::Proj
      build failures with proj-4.8.0.

    - Sf.net bug #3479009: Fixed dummy() to generate a
      valid syntax for the underlying call to slice().

    - Sf.net bug #3475075: Fixed 16-bit PNM raw format handling.

    - Added warning if conv1d is used on a piddle with
      the badflag set.

    - Fix NaN sign issues as reported (and fixed!) by
      Matthew McGillis with contributions by Sisyphus.

    - Fix rim() 3-arg form.  Added tests to support and
      verify the development.

    - Fixed a problem with multiple windows and imag2d
      and imag2d_update.

 * The PDL shells keep getting better:

    - New feature in perldl and pdl2 where a pattern matching
      the PDL shell prompt (in $PERLDL::PREFIX_RE) will get
      stripped off of input lines before eval.  This makes it
      easier to cut-and-paste example text from PDL shell
      sessions or from the PDL Book into an active session.

    -  Added a demo for PDL::Graphics::Prima to the PDL shells.

    -  Added a demo for gnuplot to the PDL shells.

    -  The p shortcut to display output in the PDL shells has
       been reverted to its previous 2.4.10 behavior.  If you
       wish it to be an exact alias for print just override
       in your .perldlrc or local.perldlrc file.

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