[Perldl] CHM/PDL-2.004_995.tar.gz released to CPAN

Chris Marshall devel.chm.01 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 2 06:17:21 HST 2013


PDL-2.004_995 (a.k.a. PDL-2.006 rc1) has been
released to CPAN.  We're in the "code freeze" stage
of development and we welcome PDL users and
testers to have at it.

The remaining work is in updating documentation,
the PDL Book, and the PDL shell demos;  The result
is to make the code and demos available without a
requirement on PGPLOT by enabling the use of
PDL::Graphics::Gnuplot and/or PDL::Graphics::Prima.


Release Notes for PDL 2.004_995 --------------------------

General Notes:

 * A.k.a. PDL-2.006 release candidate 1 (code freeze)

 * Another quick CPAN developers release

   - It is a snapshot of the current git development tree
     and everything may not work correctly or have complete

   - These release notes may not be fully complete.  Please
     see Changes (from the git log) for full details.

   - All tests may not pass, especially ones corresponding
     to issues in Known_problems.

   - Manual build/install is recommended although the
     cpan shell may be used by specifying the distribution
     path rather than just the module name, e.g.:

       cpan> get  CHM/PDL-2.004_995.tar.gz
       cpan> make CHM/PDL-2.004_995.tar.gz
       cpan> test CHM/PDL-2.004_995.tar.gz
       cpan> look CHM/PDL-2.004_995.tar.gz


 * Potential fix for sf.net bug #3518190 where
   t/gd_oo_tests.t crashes.  If you have an AMD64 platform,
   please test.

   NOTE: the tests will be skipped if AUTOMATED_TESTING is
   set to avoid false fails by CPAN Testers.

 * Updates to the PLplot Makefile.PL and test file.

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