[Perldl] final countdown to PDL release...

Chris Marshall devel.chm.01 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 05:45:38 HST 2013

...and yes, you _can_ help!  :-)

The clock is ticking down towards the March
release of PDL-3.000 (previously known as
PDL-2.4.12).  Please see the list discussion at


for details and context.

The original focus of the coming release was to
roll out the existing fixes to win32 build problems
which were preventing out of the box builds
for ASPerl.  But with all the bugs fixed, docs
improvements and the maturing of two new
modules for PDL graphics: PDL::Graphics::Gnuplot
and PDL::Graphics::Prima, this looks to me a
significant release for all platforms.

We're in the testing/checkout/docs phase of the
new release.  Here is a list of items that you
might contribute to the release effort:

- test build for your platforms (if you can participate
  in CPAN Testers reports, all the better!).  See this
  link for how http://wiki.cpantesters.org/wiki/QuickStart

- test with feedback for the new graphics modules:

  PDL::Graphics::Gnuplot (currently you'll need to
  build from the git repository).  An announcment
  will be made when a current CPAN release is
  made (i.e., one more recent than version 1.3).


  PDL::Graphics::Prima (again, to get the latest,
  you'll need to build from the git repository, location
  available on the module info at http://search.cpan.org
  below).  An   announcement will be made when an
  update to   the CPAN releases is made.

  For this module,   of special interest, is the
  PDL::Graphics::Prima;:Simple   functionality.
  Feedback and bug/problems/questions welcome.


- check PDL as a dependency (if you have a module that
  has a dependency on PDL, please confirm that our change
  in version number does not cause problems.  The release
  is planned to be PDL-3.000 in order to make it *completely*
  clear that this release is more current than all extant
  PDL releases)

- doc updates, PDL Book updates,...

- we're looking for volunteers to support Mac OS X
  platforms for PDL.  Specifically, someone to maintain
  macports and keep it up to date.  It would also be
  nice if someone would contribute to updating the
  SciPDL all-in-one bundle for Mac OS X.


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