[Perldl] PDL-LinearAlgebra-0.08 released to CPAN

Chris Marshall devel.chm.01 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 3 01:26:38 HST 2013

This version has some more clean up, a license update,
and a couple of bugs resolved (thanks largely to work
by Dima with his debian hat on).


Revision history for Perl extension PDL::LinearAlgebra

0.08  Tue Dec  3 06:07:55 EST 2013

  * use VERSION_FROM in Makefile.PLs
  * update license to Artistic 2.0
  * bump VERSION to 0.08 for official release

0.07_01  Sat Nov 30 18:17:48 EST 2013

  * fixed bug in msyminv()
  * global conversion from DOS to UNIX line endings
  * explicitly specifying a Latin-1 encoding in the PODs
  * removed debianization. This package is already in debian
  * partial clean up of $VERSION specification

0.07  Wed Nov 27 17:09:40 EST 2013

  * Official release with 1st PDL-2.007 support


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