[Perldl] warning for MacPorts users

Derek Lamb derek at boulder.swri.edu
Tue Nov 13 11:29:16 HST 2012

If you are using MacPorts perl, have upgraded it since 2012-June-25, then configuration flags 'sitebin' and 'vendorbin' have been added to that Perl.  You can check yours with 'perl -V |grep sitebin'.  The implication of that is if you reinstall PDL then your pdl, perldl, pdl2, pdldoc scripts & executables will go into a different directory, e.g., /opt/local/libexec/perl5.14/sitebin.  Any old copies in /opt/local/bin will not be overwritten or removed, so asking for perldl or pdl2 will give you the old scripts running a new PDL.  Probably libexec is not in your $PATH because that directory is not meant to be called by the user typically, just by other programs.

I noticed this while trying out the (newly-patched [thanks Craig!]) perldl this morning.  A way around this is to create the Makefile thusly:

 perl Makefile.PL INSTALLSITEBIN=/opt/local/bin INSTALLSITESCRIPT=/opt/local/bin

the INSTALLSITEBIN takes care of the executable 'pdl', and INSTALLSITESCRIPT takes care of 'perldl', 'pdl2', and 'pdldoc'.

We might put an override into the Makefile.PL, but this should get you by for now.


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