[Perldl] Indexing with bad values

Henning Glawe eartoaster at gmx.net
Thu Feb 23 04:30:17 HST 2012

On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 07:35:48AM -0600, David Mertens wrote:
> This seems like a reasonable design to me. However, is the croaking behavior
> documented or tested?

It is documented as such in the POD of /usr/lib/perl5/PDL/Slices.pm:

    index barfs if any of the index values are bad.

> If so, this sort of change would introduce an
> incompatible change to a documented feature, which I would oppose. In that
> case, we could set a global or (for Perl 5.10 and up) a lexical flag to control
 this behavior.

This seems like a reasonable solution to me.

c u

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