[Perldl] Google Summer of Code Ideas

chm devel.chm.01 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 10:00:08 HST 2012

Please add, edit and update your ideas on this
wiki page:

> https://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/pdl/index.php?title=GSoC_2012_Ideas


On 2/19/2012 9:50 AM, chm wrote:
> I would be willing to help with mentoring.
> Maybe we should have a list on the wiki as
> a number of the ideas sound good and it would
> be useful to have a way to keep things sorted
> out.
> The wiki would also allow for more detail
> on the items. Different folks have looked
> at implementing a number of these and may
> have a better understanding of the tasks
> and scope involved.
> --Chris
> On 2/17/2012 11:21 AM, David Mertens wrote:
>> Hello all -
>> Nobody jumped up to help mentor. I'll assume that's because nobody is
>> excited about the possibilities, so let's do what I initially didn't want
>> to do: let's brainstorm some ideas for what could be implemented. The
>> student(s) would spend their summer, which is supposed to be three to
>> four
>> months, on these projects, so they can be fairly large in their scope.
>> Here
>> are my ideas:
>> 1) Expand and enhance PDL's help database API so that other PDL
>> modules can
>> add to it it at install time and other projects can tap into it more
>> easily
>> (pure-perl, may be too small)
>> 2) Finally get PDL::Expt designed and implemented (should be all Perl)
>> 3) Build a PDL equivalent of Matlab's Signal Processing Toolkit (some
>> Perl,
>> some PDL::PP)
>> 4) Design and implement PDL::Pointer, PDL::SV, and PDL::Struct (mostly
>> PDL
>> core hacking, some PDL::PP and Perl)
>> 5) Make PDL capable of handling>2G elements (PDL core hacking)
>> 6) Make PDL thread-safe (PDL core hacking)
>> What else would we like to see implemented? In particular, are there any
>> Toolkits that you would like to see implemented? We have no guarantee
>> that
>> a student will take us up on these, but we stand to improve our
>> chances if
>> we have some cool ideas.
>> One last thing: please mention if you will be able to mentor the
>> student on
>> your proposed ideas. Mentoring is mostly over email or instant messaging,
>> and you'll have the rest of us around, so it's not necessarily a huge
>> commitment. If you know something about a topic and simply haven't had
>> the
>> time to write the code for it, you would be a *perfect* mentor, so
>> speak up!
>> David
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