[Perldl] ParallelCPU

Dima Kogan pdl at dima.secretsauce.net
Fri Feb 17 10:49:43 HST 2012

> On Fri, 17 Feb 2012 13:55:05 -0600
> Luis Mochan <mochan at fis.unam.mx> wrote:
> To test PDL multithreading I compiled a threading PERL configuring
> with the -Dusethreads option. This morning I realized that my
> non-threading PERL actually runs the PDL multithreads and it is even
> slightly faster. Thus, I realize that I don't understand what is the
> use of the -Dusethreads. I'll appreciate some explanation?

-Dusethreads tells PERL to do threaded things. PDL multithreading support
doesn't use PERL's threading, but rather does it directly by using the pthread
C library.

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