[Perldl] Large Number Support?

chm devel.chm.01 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 01:32:31 HST 2012

Hi Cliff-

Do you have a program showing the problem
with some input data?  What data type are
the piddles?  (help $mypdl in the shell)

As for the output from the 'p' command
for a piddle, you're looking at some format
conversion of some pdl type and not the
raw data.  See PDL::Core for info on the
current format.

Also, you might see if the example you
show for the PDL shell gives the same
output for the debugger session.


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On 2/9/2012 10:49 PM, Clifford Sobchuk wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I ran into a problem - or an effect, that I don't understand. There
> seems to be a number that is too big to be displayed. See the
> following code:
> pdl>  p 2**40 1099511627776
> pdl>  p 2**32*1.00001 4295010245.67296
> pdl>  p 2**36*1.00001 68720163930.7674
> pdl>  p 2**38*1.00001 274880655723.069
> My problem is that I am using a serialized value for the date and
> time - to millisecond precision. So the following represents :
> DB<33>  p ${$myData{MC800BTS1494}{1}{1}{time}}[0] 20120206201813.220
> DB<34>  p ${$myData{MC800BTS1494}{1}{1}{time}}[1] 20120206201813.320
> DB<35>  p ${$myData{MC800BTS1494}{1}{1}{time}}[2] 20120206201813.420
> DB<36>  p ${$myData{MC800BTS1494}{1}{1}{time}}[4] 20120206201813.620
> You'll notice that there are two more digits displayed when they are
> in Perl but after I convert them into a PDL, I lose the last two
> digits. I didn't think that this was considered a BigFloat?
> Any thoughts. Thanks,
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