[Perldl] PDL 2.4.10 announcements hits slashdot

Toni Keskitalo tonique at jippii.fi
Thu Feb 9 20:03:54 HST 2012

Christian Soeller wrote:
> Not sure if others have noticed but the 2.4.10 announcement has made
> it onto slashdot
> (http://science.slashdot.org/story/12/02/06/148248/perl-data-language-2410-released).
> I just stumbled across it but haven't checked the comment section
> yet ;) Anyway, well done, whoever got this in (tonique?).

Hello, that was me. I wrote in a followup there about reasons why I use
PDL. Basically, I knew some Perl and was in need to handle many numbers
(one-third spectra of environmental noise measurements)...

I really use only a small fraction of PDL's capability.

I figured some more exposure would be nice. I did screw up the
submission in that  I didn't include the actual PDL site, though. Also,
I knew Perl isn't in good standing at Slashdot but even then the
reactions somewhat surprised me. 


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