[Perldl] Comparing Matlab with PDL

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Sun May 31 05:49:51 HST 2009


in last month I have been working at a client gluing together and
application with perl
where the various pieces are written in C, Java, Matlab and probably
other thing.
I never used Matlab before but as a Perl trainer I have often met
people who used
Matlab and needed Perl for various tasks.

I never used Matlab but I know PDL should be a replacement for it - or
at least that's
the level of my understanding - so I wonder what are the advantages and
disadvantages of the two as compared to each other.

Certainly price is a big difference and the fact that PDL is open
source while Matlab
is proprietary so I am more interested in the technical aspects.

I searched a bit and found this article:
which on the last page shows that PDL is twice as fast as Matlab - at
least in that
specific Mandelbrot example.

I found a few hits mentioning PDL::Matlab but no actual code.

says  "[PDL is ] intended for small to medium sized analysis tasks"

I could not find other references.

So I am really interested you people pointing me to further references
or giving your opinion.

Lastly let me give my own plug:
One aspect that I guess users of Matlab will say that PDL is lacking is the IDE.
If I understand correctly Matlab is an IDE with a language. PDL is
just the language.
This might not be an issue for people already knowing PDL but I guess it
might be harder to "sell" PDL because of this.
So I was wondering if it would help to hook PDL up to Padre, the Perl IDE
I have been developing for some time with a bunch of other people
See http://padre.perlide.org/ .

If anyone is interested in this I'd be glad to discuss it here or on the Padre
mailing list or IRC channel.


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