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List Description
ACSIS_sw ACSIS Software list
Cgs4_controller [no description available]
CGS4_JAC CGS4 Discussions - JAC Staff Only
CSG_faults People who want to receive CSG fault reports
CSG_group Members of the JAC Computing Services Group
CSG_minutes Recipients of CSG meeting minutes
Cupid-users [no description available]
Data_group CADC/JAC working group
Diving The JAC SCUBA diving list.
DR_faults People who want to receive data-reduction fault reports
Drawings [no description available]
Estar_down [no description available]
ETS Mailing list for members of the JAC ETS group
Facility_faults [no description available]
IAU-circs Notification of IAU Circulars
IRAFusers Messages of interest to users of IRAF at JAC
JAC_Seminar Announcements of JAC Science Seminars
JAC_social Mailing list for general, non-official announcements
JCMT_All Mailing list for messages of interest to all JCMT users and staff
Jcmt_archive [no description available]
JCMT_ENG Mailing list for matters concerning JCMT Engineering
Jcmt_event_log [no description available]
JCMT_exgalsurveys SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey (S2CLS)
JCMT_Faults Fault reports and responses for JCMT
JCMT_galsurveys Discussions concerning a unified fully inclusive coherent Galactic survey program using SCUBA-2 and HARP at the JCMT.
JCMT_nbgalsurveys Discussions concerning a unified survey of nearby known extra-Galactic objects usingSCUBA-2 and HARP at the JCMT.
Jcmt_ops JCMT Operations discussion & announcements
JCMT_Projects Discussion of JCMT projects and project management
JCMT_rx Discussion of heterodyne receivers at JCMT
JCMT_software Discussion list for JCMT-specific software issues
Jcmt_ss JCMT Staff Scientists
JCMT_surveys Discussions of general JCMT survey observing
Jcmt_taurus [no description available]
JCMT_to JCMT Telescope System Specialists
Jcmt_transfer [no description available]
Jcmt_ukusers Mailing list for UK-based users of the JCMT
JCMT_Users Mailing list for users of the JCMT
Jcmtdr Questions on JCMT data processing
JCMTOT Discussions of the JCMT Observing Tool
Jcmtsurv_co-ordinators [no description available]
Jcmtsurv_data List for survey Designated Archive Contacts and archive teams
Jcmtsurv_debris Discussions of a JCMT Legacy survey of debris
Jcmtsurv_gould Discussions of a Gould's Belt Continuum Survey for the JCMT.
Jcmtsurv_gps Discussions of a Galactic Plane Legacy Survey for the JCMT.
jcmtsurv_jps Mailing list for the JLS Galactic Plane survey (JPS)
Jcmtsurv_sassy Discussions of a JCMT All-Sky survey using SCUBA-2 at JCMT.
Jcmtsurv_schedulers [no description available]
Jls_gbs_auriga Gould Belt Survey Auriga team
Jls_gbs_dr [no description available]
Jls_gbs_ic5146 [no description available]
Jls_gbs_orion [no description available]
Jls_gbs_perseus [no description available]
Jls_gbs_serpens [no description available]
Jls_jps_dr [no description available]
Jls_jps_src [no description available]
JSA [no description available]
Jsa-help List for JAC staff providing support for the JSA.
MKOOC This is the mailing list of the Mauna Kea Observatories Outreach Committee.
Mkooc_budget [no description available]
OCS Correspondence and discussion on the new, UNIX basedJCMT Observatory Control System.
Omp_faults People who want to receive OMP fault reports
OMP_group JAC staff that have effort allocated to the JAC OMPproject.
Omp_users_ukirt Generated from OMP user table on 20081223
OracDR Discussion relating to development of the OracDR data reduction software.
PDL-porters Discussion and communication in the perlDL project
Perldl Mailing list for questions relating to the perl PDL::hierarchy of modules.
S2sro [no description available]
Safety_faults [no description available]
Sailing Discussion of sailing in and around Hilo Bay.
Sailing_board [no description available]
Sailing_coaches [no description available]
Scicom JAC Scientific Computing group
Science JAC-wide science discussion and announcements
Scuba2_ftsdr [no description available]
Scuba2_ops Scuba2 Operations
SCUBA2comm SCUBA-2 commissioning
Scuba2det [no description available]
Software Members of the JAC Software group(s)
Stardev [no description available]
Starlink_announce Announcements about Starlink software from the Joint Astronomy Centre
Starlink_OSX Discussions about Starlink software for OS X.
Starlink_OSX_Announce Announcements of Starlink software releases for the Mac OS X operating system.
Startec The State-of-the-Art Telescope Education Collaboration (STARTEC) mailing list.
Stfc_feedback [no description available]
UKIRT_faults People who want to receive UKIRT fault reports
UKIRT_minutes Notification list for UKIRT scheduling meeting minutes
Ukirt_ops UKIRT Operations discussion & announcements
Ukirt_ss UKIRT support scientists
UKIRT_Staff Mailing list for UKIRT staff
Ukirt_to UKIRT Telescope Systems Specialists
Ukirtot [no description available]
Ukrep Mailing list for UKIRT night logs
Ukusers [no description available]
Volleyball Volleyball news and announcements
Wfcam_archive email to do with archiving of WFCAM data
WFCAM_JAC WFCAM discussion (JAC Staff only)
Wfcam_tapes emails regarding WFCAM tapes

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